Does anybody really read these pages? For those that do, here ya go...

This website is part of a Georgia-based company run by a Georgia grad who was born in Georgia and who, after 14 years of working in baseball with various national companies, realized there are plenty of teams, professional and collegiate, competing in the major sports in the great Peach State for which the collective fan bases didn't have a common place to find things to show their support.

So what you'll find at Georgia Teams is a slew of stuff for fans of the teams all Georgians love, like the Braves, to memorabilia and more for the teams that are selectively followed, often by one's affiliation to a four-year degree-granting school.

Begun in October 2015, a lot more selection is coming to, so whether you want a Braves phone case, Kennesaw State floor mat or even a reminder of Augusta National, home to Georgia's most famous annual sporting event, hang in there, as bit by bit such things are being added to the website.