• Turner Field Model


    A layered wood model of the Braves' ballpark. It has photos of Turner Field applied to the various wood panels, which are glued together. Because of the way the model is designed, when viewed from about 4 feet it appears to be a 360-degree replica of Turner Field. An optional custom-made display case ($25) is available.

      Model Details
    • Approximate size is 9" wide x 4" high x 1.1" deep
    • Stands upright when placed on a flat surface
    • Details about Turner Field's features and history are on the backside
    • Weighs less than 1 pound and made in Georgia
    • Comes assembled (it's not a model kit)

    • Display Case Information
    •  Has a black composite base that the clear acrylic lid fits into
    •  Felt dots on its backside prevent sliding and scratching surfaces
    •  Measures 12" long x 3.7" wide